Stan Day

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  • November 17, 2022

Stan Day

Mr. Day coordinates the licensing activities associated with maintaining a possession‐only 10 CFR 50 License and 10 CFR 72 General License to support decommissioning of the facilities and long‐term storage of irradiated nuclear fuel and Greater than Class C Waste. His primary activities include the development and issuance of regulatory correspondence (e.g., routine periodic submittals, exemptions, etc.), maintenance of License Basis Documents (e.g., Emergency Plan, Physical Security Plan, Post‐Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report, Final Safety Analysis Report, 10 CFR 72.212 Evaluation Report, License Termination Plan, etc.), development and revisions to programs, procedures, and processes, and development of training regarding multiple subjects (e.g., procedure implementation, Technical Specifications implementation, Workplace Civility, Nuclear Safety Culture, Active Shooter Training, Situational Awareness Training, etc.).


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