Roger Rucker

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  • November 17, 2022

Roger Rucker

Mr. Rucker is highly experienced in Electrical Engineering, Inspections, License Renewal, Subsequent License Renewal, and License Renewal implementation. He was responsible for preparation and review of Electrical, Instrumentation and Control (EIC) Aging Management Reviews, EIC Aging Management Program Evaluation Report, and EQ TLAA Reports for the Indian Point, Cooper, Grand Gulf, Waterford 3, TVA Sequoyah, Fermi 2, and River Bend License Renewal Projects. He was responsible for supporting and reviewing the EIC portions of the Scoping Report, the OE Report, and the LRA for Indian Point, Cooper, Grand Gulf, Waterford 3, TVA Sequoyah, and Fermi-2.

He has supported License Renewal Implementation Activities for Pilgrim, Fitzpatrick, Palisades, Indian Point, Vermont Yankee, and Arkansas Nuclear One (U1 & U2), with the focus on developing and implementing electrical inspections associated with GALL programs, and supporting NRC 71003 inspections. He was the project lead for the ANO Unit 2 LRI project. He has supported NRC audits for Fitzpatrick, Indian Point, Cooper, Grand Gulf, TVA Sequoyah, DTE Fermi-2, and River Bend, and resolve auditor comments and RAIs as assigned.

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