The Difference

More informed advice, more potent actions

More than ever, dollars spent finding solutions need to count—and those solutions need to work the first time to solve problems, improve performance, and deliver cost savings. Only EXCEL combines a broad and deep knowledge of the industry with world-class technical expertise and the most experienced team of executive problem-solving consultants to create high impact solutions to solve the most difficult challenges faced by our energy production and other critical infrastructure clients.

The EXCEL Difference

Only EXCEL brings together everything necessary to give clients solutions for safety, savings and success aimed at making a measurable difference:

Instant access to unsurpassed technical expertise. EXCEL provides immediate access to a dynamic team of subject matter experts with an average of over 30 years of individual industry experience and literally millennia of collective technical expertise. This world class team of experts provides the specialized knowledge and experience to effectively address technical issues that are becoming increasingly rare in the industry.

Highest-level industry/regulatory expertise. In addition to delivering world class technical experts, EXCEL provides access to experienced executive consultants that have held positions at the highest levels of responsibility in industry and within government regulators, including the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Their vast collective experience in executive problem-solving and their invaluable perspective on how regulators will view issues give our clients a unique advantage that has proven to be most successful in developing solutions to quickly and effectively resolve their most challenging issues.

Industry involvement on key regulatory and industry groups which keeps EXCEL—and our clients—at the forefront of what’s happening and what’s ahead.

A 30+ year track record unsurpassed for consistency, accuracy, timeliness and tangible results. EXCEL has over 30 years of real-world technical and strategic experience with energy, environment and infrastructure projects. In its distinguished history, EXCEL has worked with every commercial nuclear power plant and most nuclear facilities in the U.S., as well as with many international facilities and organizations.

Agility. With EXCEL, clients gain the bandwidth to focus on new initiatives and augment their technical capabilities without having to hire long-term staff. Plus, when problems arise, EXCEL can step in immediately to deliver a focused effort of world-class expertise and experience to solve problems quickly and effectively. Just as importantly, when the problem is solved, EXCEL can immediately redeploy its team, so our customers only pay for the expertise they need and have access to cost-effective, high quality solutions without having to recruit and maintain an expensive cadre of “in-house” experts.

Technology neutral. EXCEL’s consultants’ only concern is to provide the best solution to our clients, without preference to any supplier or OEM, so they are objective and free to make the right procurement recommendations.

Deeper and broader perspective. EXCEL reaches beyond the nuclear industry to apply lessons learned to help any client avoid being blindsided by technical or regulatory challenges.