Improved Technical Specification Conversion/Upgrade

EXCEL’s professionals have experience in providing all facets of Technical Specification services. EXCEL has had extensive involvement with numerous nuclear utilities specifically in the area of either improving or amending the Technical Specifications to support continued operation. EXCEL’s professionals have extensive on-site experience at all PWR utilities and all BWR utilities in the development of license amendment requests. This experience with other operating PWRs and BWRs provides a nuclear utility with a unique resource for Technical Specification activities.

EXCEL is the only firm hired by the Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group Licensing Subcommittee and the Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group Committee Licensing Committee to provide technical and project management support. EXCEL also administers and provides technical support to the Technical Specifications Task Force. EXCEL also supports the NEI Licensing Action Task Force and NEI Risk Informed Technical Specifications Task Force, as well as other NEI technical committees.

In the over thirty-one years since the formation of the company, EXCEL has become recognized as the premier supplier of licensing, regulatory compliance, and Technical Specifications services, and has extensive experience in successful negotiation regarding licensing and Technical Specification issues. EXCEL’s corporate offices are strategically located in close proximity to the NRC to facilitate the most effective and efficient support of NRC review and approval efforts of any licensing or regulatory issues.

EXCEL has performed numerous detailed evaluations of PWR and BWR plant’s custom technical specifications versus later operating plant’s technical specifications and/or the Standard Technical Specifications (STS). In addition, EXCEL has performed numerous evaluations of other Custom and STS BWRs and numerous PWRs in order for the utility to assess adoption of the Improved Technical Specifications.

ISTS Conversion

A single plant’s conversion to the ISTS will support the plant in four major performance areas: (1) Enhanced Safety Performance, (2) Improved Operational Performance, (3) High Regulatory Performance, and (4) Reduced Cost. Standardizing a Fleet TSs to the current revision of the ISTS NUREG will enhance the interface between the Engineering, Operations, Licensing and Technical Support Organizations within the Fleet.

EXCEL’s support of ISTS clients in their ISTS conversion effort extends beyond the preparation and licensing of the plants ISTS.  EXCEL has provided support to ISTS clients in the planning and scheduling of ISTS activities.  EXCEL has provided Initial Training to all PWR and BWR ISTS clients and has developed the lesson plans and programs for, and is currently providing, licensed operator training for many of our clients.

EXCEL is also providing support in the development of programs and procedures to implement the ISTS and in the appropriate revisions to their Updated Final Safety Analyses Report.  In addition, EXCEL’s experience in procedure upgrades related to Technical Specifications and ISTS affiliation with professionals extremely knowledgeable in procedure development and revision provide clients with complete ISTS conversion support.

EXCEL believes that, in order for the full benefit of the ISTS to be realized, an individual(s) who has detailed knowledge and experience with the ISTS and who developed the plant specific ISTS should participate in the procedure revision effort to ensure the procedures accurately reflect the requirements and benefits of the ISTS.  This experience in ISTS conversion and implementation efforts will provide a nuclear utility with the confidence that the services performed by EXCEL will be based largely on experience and expertise at several similar plants.

EXCEL has been successful in ensuring that a plant’s conversion to ISTS has still resulted in the plants being able to retain current licensing basis.

ISTS Upgrade

EXCEL’s support to ISTS clients in their ISTS line item improvements to their TSs has ranged from providing technical input and support to developing the entire product.  This full level of effort includes:

  1. Coordination and performance of the detailed assessment,
  2. Research and development,
  3. Preparation of the draft document,
  4. Coordination and interface with the NSSS vendor review,
  5. Engineering review,
  6. Plant technical review,
  7. Onsite and Offsite Review Committees support,
  8. Support NRC preliminary meeting to establish schedule, lines of communication, and review process,
  9. Identification of major issues and efficiencies for both the utility and NRC,
  10. Interface during NRC review and approval,
  11. Plant implementation, including operator and staff training and procedure changes.

This level of effort by EXCEL ensures that the support of the utility is focused on the plant and engineering technical review of the product.  This level of support can be tailored to support a nuclear utility’s specific requirements.