Regulatory Improvement Services

Raymond J. Schiele

Vice President, Regulatory Improvement Services

Raymond J. Schiele

EXCEL Services Corporation was founded in 1985 to provide specialized professional services to nuclear utilities in the areas of licensing and regulatory support and Technical Specifications. From a small, focused, specialty consulting organization, EXCEL has evolved into an organization with the ability to supply the right professionals for any task requiring the best in technical support or engineering expertise. In the over 30 years since the formation of the company, EXCEL has become recognized as the premier supplier of licensing, regulatory compliance, and Technical Specifications services, and has extensive experience in successful negotiation regarding licensing and Technical Specification issues.

EXCEL’s team is available to solve complex operational, engineering, safety and regulatory issues, and to provide consultation to senior utility executives and committees striving to maintain and enhance the quality and safety of their organization. EXCEL also provides these operational, safety and regulatory services to U.S. and International regulatory agencies. These services have proven to be beneficial to the nuclear facilities and the regulatory agencies.

The associates of EXCEL Services Corporation bring with them a broad and diverse licensing background. Our associates provide an extensive resource pool of Licensing engineers, including former Supervisors and Managers, as well as backgrounds in disciplines that include extensive licensing application, such as Operations, Project Management, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Emergency Planning, and others. EXCEL Services Corporation includes an ever-expanding group of top quality people and almost certainly has an individual that can meet your current challenge.