Design Certification Document (DCD)

EXCEL has been involved in the preparation and/or review of most applications for the various reactor designers applying for U.S. design certification (DC) or amending a previous DC under Part 52. We have experience working on the various DCD information types (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 2*, and Technical Specifications). EXCEL personnel were responsible leads for most DCD chapters and supplemental support for all other chapters, including significant roles in drafting and negotiating Tier 1 content including ITAAC. Our expertise includes coordinating and developing revisions to DCD chapters, responses to NRC RAIs, developing position papers to address first-of-kind or evolving licensing issues, and preparing ACRS presentations.

EXCEL also provided licensing leadership and participated in the various Design Centered Working Groups (DCWG), which maintain standardization of the applications across the member utilities.

Key Projects:

  • AP1000 Design Certification Application Amendment
  • GEH ESBWR Design Certification Application
  • AREVA EPR Design Certification Application
  • MHI US-APWR Design Certification Application
  • KHNP APR1400 Design Certification Application
  • Toshiba ABWR Design Certification Rule Renewal Application