Combined License Application (COLA)

EXCEL has been extensively involved in the preparation, review, and/or defense of most new build applications for Combined License Applications (COLA). EXCEL support included project leadership, development of COL application text, responses to NRC Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) and licensing position papers. EXCEL developed regulatory strategies to resolve complex licensing issues and interfaced with the NRC staff. EXCEL interfaced with the reactor vendors to resolve plant-specific issues and modify their DCDs. As part of this interface, EXCEL developed, reviewed and commented on draft DCD-related documents, topical reports, and ITAAC closure packages.

EXCEL provided leadership or participated in the various Design Centered Working Group (DCWG) for coordinating standardization of applications across the member utilities, including support of the DCD Amendment activities (topical report development and review, RAI response development and review, licensing strategy input, DCD revision drafting and review) and consideration of those activities on the COL applications.

Key Projects:

  • SNC Stewart County Project COLA
  • NuStart AP1000 Reference COLA (R-COLA) and Subsequent COLAs (S-COLAs)
  • NuStart ESBWR R-COLA
  • UniStar COLA
  • Entergy, DTE Energy, and Dominion Power COLAs (GEH ESBWR)
  • NRG South Texas Project (STP) COLA