Advanced Reactors

For advanced reactor designers and potential license applicants EXCEL can develop and implement a licensing strategy for success that applies key elements including:

  • Utilizing the progress achieved from previous licensing efforts and NRC interactions associated with a particular technology or design center
  • Working collaboratively with vendors, applicants, NRC and industry on resolution of generic licensing issues
  • Engaging NRC early to identify and resolve technical, regulatory and policy issues
  • Determining the optimum license approach (e.g., Part 50, Part 52, etc.) by evaluating the available alternative approaches to plant licensing (e.g., Part 50, Part 52 COLA or COLA/DCD combination, prototype nuclear power plant (using 10 CFR 50.43(e)) and provide a recommended approach
  • Identifying pre-application activities associated with key licensing issues such as defining the project-specific activities that need to be performed in order to identify those areas where NRC light-water reactor (LWR) licensing requirements may need to be adapted or revised to address the licensing of a gas reactor technology.
  • Estimating the scope of expected interactions with NRC staff
  • Identifying possible pre-application Topical and Technical Reports applicable to the technology
  • Developing a level 1 proposed schedule for licensing-related activities leading to a license