10 CFR 52 Training

EXCEL’s extensive experience with all sections of Part 52 place us in the perfect position to conduct effective and relevant training to utilities and reactor vendors. Since EXCEL has been involved in numerous application submittals and strategic negotiations with the NRC, clients benefit from lessons learned. The training of Regulatory Affairs (RA) and Engineering staff on Part 52 requirements / related guidance is critical to successful Part 52 application development, saving resources and money in re-work and NRC review fees. This training provides each student with a fundamental understanding of Part 52 regulations and licensing basis management concepts to improve the overall ability of RA staff to address issues and changes that arise with the licensing basis.

The training is designed to provide the RA and Engineering staff with the tools necessary to understand the licensing basis of the Design Control Document (DCD) and Combined License (COL), the structure of the regulatory requirements associated with the licensing basis, and the accepted guidance for implementing the change control process under Part 52. EXCEL’s instructors are selected for their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. EXCEL has presented this course for both domestic and international clients.

Key Projects:

  • Westinghouse Corporation