New Nuclear Build Services

Neil Haggerty

Vice President, New Nuclear Build Services

Neil Haggerty

EXCEL has vast U.S. and international licensing experience working with regulatory bodies including the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. EXCEL has worked with numerous nuclear plant designers and operators to develop and implement licensing and regulatory strategies for all phases of the nuclear plant life cycle, from design certification, to initial licensing, to license renewal, to decommissioning.

Since August 2005, EXCEL has been extensively involved in the preparation, review, and/or defense of most new build applications for Early Site Permits (ESP), Design Certification Applications (DCA), Combined License Applications (COLA). Our Part 52 work has supported large light water reactors, small modular reactors (SMR), and advanced reactors. EXCEL personnel have extensive, current experience with Part 52 issues and other activities related to managing and resolving first-of-a-kind, complex issues. EXCEL leadership led to the first ever Part 52 ESP for Clinton Power Station and first ever COL for Vogtle Electric Generating Station (VEGP) Units 3 & 4.

EXCEL personnel entered into the Part 52 arena with extensive backgrounds in Part 50 licensing, both application preparation/defense and operating license maintenance and renewal. EXCEL personnel utilized this extensive experience to identify innovative and practical solutions to the numerous, different issues encountered when attempting to utilize the unique regulatory process defined by Part 52.

An EXCEL representative has participated on every NEI task force related to Part 52. These include the Early Site Permit Task Force, Combined License Task Force, Small Modular Reactor Task Force, Construction Inspection Program Task Force, and the Seismic Issues Task Force, as well as various subgroups under those task forces. Few, if any, within the industry can provide this extensive Part 52 background, and understanding of the regulatory issues and resolutions associated with Part 52.