Owners Group (PWROG/BWROG/APOG) Regulatory Support/NEI Working Group/Task Force Support

EXCEL has provided regulatory and technical support to the Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG), the Boiling Water Reactors Owners’ Group (BWROG), the AP1000® Owners Group (APOG), and their predecessor organizations, for over 20 years. Through the Owners Groups, EXCEL provides “any time, on request” regulatory and technical support to every commercial reactor in the United States and abroad. EXCEL also manages the joint Owners Group Technical Specifications Task Force (TSTF), that is the focal point for industry interaction with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on generic technical, regulatory, and compliance issues related to the Technical Specifications. EXCEL has created all of the 500+ TSTF travelers (generic changes to the Technical Specifications), include all risk-informed travelers. EXCEL also supports a number of Nuclear Energy Institute committees.