Executive Performance Solutions

Mark A. Satorius

Senior Vice President, Executive Performance Solutions

Mark A. Satorius

EXCEL’s recently added new service, Executive Performance Solutions, complements the other Business Lines. This team of former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission executives brings their unmatched knowledge and experience to create solutions for clients with critical and difficult regulatory and legal challenges. As a result of their expertise, EXCEL’s Executive Performance Solutions team is positioned, with unmatched depth and expertise, to offer the best regulatory support available anywhere.

EXCEL’s goal is to harness our world-class technical and regulatory expertise to create competitive advantages for our clients in a demanding marketplace by helping them to confront their most difficult challenges and turn them into opportunities. Whether the challenges are in the area of Licensing, Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Emergency Preparedness, Radiation Protection, or New Build, the EXCEL team of leading experts, with over 600 years of industry experience, will offer an absolutely unparalleled level and breadth of skill and service to help our clients address whatever challenges may lie ahead. With our new team in place we can help anyone in the energy community solve problems, meet their goals, and succeed.

EXCEL’s Executive Consultants have held the following positions in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: 

  • Executive Director for Operations
  • Director, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
  • Director, Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Programs
  • Director, Office on Nuclear Security and Incident Response
  • Director, Office of Nuclear Materials Safety and Safeguards
  • Chief, NRC Nuclear Security
  • Director, Cyber Security Directorate
  • Regional Administrator (Regions III & IV)