Design Basis Retrievability

Design Basis Retrievability requires confirming or verifying all Statements of Fact (SOF) and providing a summary of the references (e.g., FSAR, Calculations, DBD, Design Specifications) for selected Systems’ design basis information in the Technical Specifications (TS), TS Bases, and Technical Requirements Manual (TRM). This initiative provides review, correction, and documentation of verification, and the production of the Reference Summary for the design basis information verified. This initiative also provided links from the TS and TS Bases to the design basis references in the form of a verification table. Links were also established from the Reference Summary to the references, calculations, and specifications identified in the Reference Summary.

Design Basis Retrievability assists nuclear plant operators in consolidating the Design Basis information, calculations, and references for the SOFs in the TS Bases in a readily understandable and retrievable document.  This facilitates knowledge transfer and integration. DBR increases the efficiency of performing Design changes, TS and other regulatory changes, and operability determinations. It also facilitates the Reactor Oversight Performance process by providing the ability to expediently retrieve information to respond more readily to inspection challenges by reducing the time to gather the reference material. This translates into saving many man-hours involved in researching and retrieving Design Basis Information.