50.69 and Risk Based Licensing

EXCEL is committed to supporting Risk Informed initiatives throughout the industry through participation in Technical Specification Task Force (TSTF) activities and various other industry groups. EXCEL’s professionals actively participated in NEI for the development of a template for use as a License Amendment Request (LAR) for 10CFR50.69 and in IEEE for the development of IEEE Std 1819-2016, “Standard for Risk-Informed Categorization and Treatment of Electrical and Electronic Equipment at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities.” EXCEL’s professionals continue to participate in the NEI Risk Informed Engineering Programs 10CFR50.69 Implementation Guidance task force. EXCEL’s unique background in design and licensing basis, along with extensive electrical and I&C design and Probabilistic Risk Assessment experience, provides the necessary skills to prepare the LAR and to perform the requisite component categorizations and treatment changes to make 10CFR50.69 a profitable venture for NPPs.