Engineering & Technical Services

Pareez E. Golub

Vice President Engineering & Technical Services

Pareez E. Golub

EXCEL is dedicated to the highest levels of engineering excellence and integrity.  Our personnel deliver quality technical solutions as well as provide strategic support to help our clients achieve their business goals.  EXCEL is technology neutral and can therefore provide objective guidance to aid our clients in technology selection.

EXCEL has extensive experience assisting customers with Power Uprates, 24-Month Fuel Cycles, License Renewals, Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Decommissioning, and Safety Setpoint Programs and Calculations. EXCEL has been on the ground floor with most NRC initiatives, including 10CFR50.69 and Risk Based Licensing. EXCEL has also developed a process for performing Design Basis Retrievability. Design Basis Retrievability is a process; which, verifies the Design and Licensing Basis, and makes the Design and Licensing Basis information easily retrievable.

EXCEL personnel have extensive experience in all phases as described above, including Maintenance Rule and general system, maintenance and plant engineering. EXCEL personnel have the experience to also assist in day to day Engineering issues that may arise. EXCEL takes pride in assisting customers with a wide range of Engineering services.