New Power to Compete

Energy producers must find new ways to compete. Any organization dealing with critical infrastructure and regulatory oversight must find no-margin-for-error ways to perform. EXCEL’s ability to deliver both thought leadership and practical solutions gives clients all-new power to turn challenges into opportunities, domestically and worldwide.

Hands-on guidance from high-level, seasoned consultants

EXCEL technical experts and former regulators with decades of experience at the NRC, nuclear Navy and industry stand ready to shape programs and respond to crises with little research or discovery so our clients’ programs move forward, faster.

Full-lifecycle expertise

EXCEL has the people, experience, information and capabilities to zero in on any specific challenge, or create holistic solutions for operations, engineering, safety, security and security, and regulatory strategy.

Move forward, faster

EXCEL gives clients the agility and bandwidth to move beyond daily operations so new initiatives can be designed, implemented and put into action making a measurable difference.