O&M Reduction Portfolio

EXCEL is dedicated to the highest levels of licensing and engineering excellence and integrity. Our personnel deliver quality technical solutions as well as provide strategic support to help our clients achieve their business goals.

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Workforce Enhancement Portfolio

EXCEL is recognized as the premier supplier of licensing, regulatory compliance, and Technical Specifications (TS) services, and has extensive experience in successful negotiation regarding regulatory, operations, engineering, licensing and TS issues. EXCEL’s corporate offices are strategically located near the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to facilitate the most effective and efficient support of Nuclear Regulatory Commission review and approval efforts of any licensing or regulatory issues.

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New Reactor / Technology Portfolio

EXCEL has vast U.S. and international licensing experience working with regulatory bodies including the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, International Atomic Energy Agency, and Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. EXCEL has worked with numerous nuclear plant designers and operators to develop and implement licensing and regulatory strategies for all phases of the nuclear plant life cycle, from design certification, initial licensing, license renewal, to decommissioning.

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Innovative Solutions Portfolio

EXCEL is synonymous with innovative regulatory approaches. Our technical support of the Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG), the Boiling Water Reactors Owners’ Group (BWROG), and the AP1000® Owners Group (APOG), and our management of the Technical Specifications Task Force, keeps EXCEL on the forefront of regulatory opportunities and issues. Our industry involvement gives EXCEL a unique, industry-wide viewpoint that is invaluable to our utility clients. When operating plants are faced with difficult regulatory questions, they turn to EXCEL.

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Event Response Portfolio

EXCEL is harnessing its world-class technical and regulatory expertise to create competitive advantages for our clients by helping them to confront their most difficult challenges and turn them into opportunities. The EXCEL team of leading experts, with extensive industry experience, offers an unparalleled level and breadth of skill and service to help our clients address whatever challenges may lie ahead, including cultural assessments and regulatory support.

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