Safe and Secure Operation

Rockville, MD—September 8, 2017—EXCEL Services Senior Vice President, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Richard P. Rosano, and Senior Vice President, Executive Performance Solutions, Mark A. Sartorious, discuss the risks and threats to safe operation of energy systems, in an interview with the Nuclear Plant Journal, from the U.S. NRC Regulatory Information Conference.

Alleviating Nuclear Energy Challenges

Rockville, MD—September 8, 2017—In an interview with the Nuclear Plant Journal, from the U.S. NRC Regulatory Information Conference, EXCEL Services President & CEO, Donald R. Hoffman, describes current energy industry challenges and the opportunities they present.

EXCEL Services Corporation Celebrates a New Beginning: Enhanced Expertise, Expanded Service – to Navigate the Energy Community Through a New Era of High Velocity Changes

ROCKVILLE, MD – February 3, 2017 – To assist companies in the energy sector to better navigate through a rapidly changing environment, EXCEL Services Corporation is unveiling an enhanced scope of services and staff, EXCEL President and CEO Donald Hoffman announced today.  The company’s expanded capabilities include its new Critical Infrastructure Protection and Executive Performance Solutions lines of service which are staffed by some of the … Read More

EXCEL Congratulates TVA on Clinch River Permit

Rockville, MD, January 12, 2017 – EXCEL Services Corporation congratulates the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on the acceptance by NRC for review of their early site permit (ESP) for the Clinch River site near Oak Ridge, TN.

This ESP application (submitted May 12) does not cite a specific design, but is based on a “plant parameter envelope” that encompasses the four light water small modular reactor (SMR) designs currently under development in the … Read More

EXCEL Expands Executive Leadership Team

Rockville, MD, December 6, 2016 – EXCEL Services Corporation (EXCEL), is pleased to announce the expansion of its executive leadership team.  Effective January 1, 2017, Michael McMahon will join EXCEL as Senior Vice President, Business Development, and Mark Satorius will join EXCEL as Senior Vice President, Executive Regulatory Services.  The addition of McMahon and … Read More