EXCEL Congratulates TVA on Clinch River Permit

Rockville, MD, January 12, 2017 – EXCEL Services Corporation congratulates the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on the acceptance by NRC for review of their early site permit (ESP) for the Clinch River site near Oak Ridge, TN.

This ESP application (submitted May 12) does not cite a specific design, but is based on a “plant parameter envelope” that encompasses the four light water small modular reactor (SMR) designs currently under development in the US (i.e., BWXT mPower, NuScale, HOLTEC, and Westinghouse).  EXCEL Services associates were instrumental in leading the licensing efforts in preparing the application, including a significant pre-application engagement with the NRC staff, and are providing ongoing support through the NRC review.  The application is notable not only for moving SMR design issues forward, but particularly for making an important case for a dose-based, consequence-oriented emergency planning zone (EPZ).  Working very closely with the Nuclear Energy Institute, this application is the first formal submittal to put a specific proposal before the NRC, with the potential to reduce an SMR EPZ (based on reduced source terms and extended accident progressions) to the site boundary.

The NRC conducts an acceptance review for new applications to confirm sufficient information exists to conduct the review; the acceptance review has been concluded and the application docketed.  The application is expected to undergo further NRC review over the course of about three years.  EXCEL Services again congratulates the TVA on this significant achievement and milestone in the nuclear industry.

“TVA is the first in the industry to submit any type of application related to SMRs to the NRC. It’s a significant event for EXCEL as we continue exploring potential SMR technology as a way of expanding our diverse portfolio to ensure a safe, reliable supply of energy for those we serve.

Read the full NRC news release here