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Donald R. Hoffman

President and CEO


Mr. Hoffman founded EXCEL Services Corporation in 1985 to provide specialized professional services to nuclear utilities in licensing and regulatory support. For more than three decades, EXCEL has become recognized as a premier worldwide supplier of enforcing operations and technical regulatory support services.

Mr. Hoffman is very active in the nuclear industry and is a Fellow and Past President of the American Nuclear Society.

Prior to starting EXCEL, Mr. Hoffman served in the US Nuclear Submarine Navy as a senior reactor operator and engineering officer and as a Manager and lead reviewer at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission reviewing License Applications and Technical Specifications.

James Andersen

Director, Business Development and Marketing, Director, Cyber and Physical Security Services


Mr. Andersen has more than 35 years of experience in executive and management levels in nuclear safety, security, emergency preparedness, and incident response. His career included 27 years with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), culminating in service as the Director, Division of Physical and Cyber Security Policy. In his current position with EXCEL, he is responsible for identifying new business opportunities and assisting the President & CEO in building and driving a strategy and business plan to position EXCEL for long-term growth. Mr. Andersen is also responsible for assisting clients with the design, implementation, and evaluation of their physical and cyber security protection systems. The consulting services include effectiveness and efficiency reviews, preparation for oversight agencies’ inspection activities, performance tests to identify areas for improvement, and corrective action programs to remedy weaknesses and/or areas of noncompliance with relevant requirements.

Mr. Andersen has considerable experience with the NRC’s licensing and oversight processes. Prior to the NRC, Mr. Andersen served as a nuclear submarine officer and has extensive operational experience aboard a nuclear-powered submarine. He attained formal certification from the Director of the Naval Reactors Program as a Qualified Nuclear Engineering Officer.

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Mark A. Satorius

Senior Vice President, Executive Performance Solutions


Mr. Satorius is responsible for leading EXCEL’s newest service offering that uses the highest levels of industry expertise to create solutions for clients’ most critical and difficult regulatory challenges. Prior to joining EXCEL, he spent 26 years at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), where he served in several senior leadership positions, including Administrator, NRC Region III; Director, Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Programs; and as the Executive Director for Operations (EDO). As the EDO, Mr. Satorius was the chief operating officer of the Commission, and was authorized and directed to discharge all the operational and administrative functions necessary for the day-to-day operations of the agency.

Mr. Satorius has testified before Congressional Committees and at NRC Commission Meetings on topics such as safety and security issues at licensed nuclear facilities. Since retiring from the NRC, he has been appointed to the United Arab Emirates International Advisory Group where he provides safety and security insights to the Emirati Regulator as they prepare to transition their first nuclear power plant from construction to operations.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Mr. Satorius was a nuclear submarine officer with extensive operational experience aboard a nuclear-powered submarine. He attained formal certification from the Director of the Naval Reactors Program as a Qualified Nuclear Engineering Officer.

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Neil Haggerty

Vice President, New Nuclear Build Services


Mr. Haggerty is an experienced mechanical and environmental engineer with over 30 years of experience in the domestic commercial nuclear reactor industry. He has significant experience in the 10 CFR Part 52 new reactor licensing process and the associated environmental reviews, review of nuclear fuel cycle licensing actions, 10 CFR Part 50 operating reactor regulatory affairs, licensing renewal and project and contract management.

Mr. Haggerty was responsible for developing, reviewing, and defending sections of a combined license (COL) application (COLA) for the AP1000 reference plant, and managed the development of the AP1000 reference COL Applicant’s Environmental Report, as well as the nuclear security aspects of reference COL Applicant’s COLA. He has written and received approval of numerous Part 52 COL License Amendment Requests (LARs), AP1000 Design Certification Rule exemption requests, and licensing position documents to support construction and future operation of the client’s two-unit AP1000 nuclear facility. Prior to supporting the industry’s Part 52 licensing activities, Mr. Haggerty provided support and guidance in updating the NUREG-0800 Standard Review Plan, while serving as a Senior Project Manager with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Mr. Haggerty also has experience in developing, reviewing, and supporting review of Operating License Renewal Applications, including the associated Environmental Reports, and the operating programs required to satisfy the license renewal aging management program requirements. Experience includes projects at Babcock and Wilcox, Combustion Engineering, and Westinghouse Pressurized Water Reactors, and commercial uranium fuel cycle facilities.

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Pareez E. Golub

Vice President Engineering & Technical Services


Ms. Golub has 25 years of experience in nuclear plant licensing and engineering for domestic/foreign utilities and reactor vendors. Her Licensing experience includes both 10 CFR Part 52 and Part 50 for new reactors and operating reactors, respectively.

Ms. Golub’s Part 52 licensing experience includes significant work on Design Control Documents (DCD) and Combined Operating Licenses (COL). Her Part 52 work includes both near-term Advanced Light Water Reactors (ALWRs), Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), and Advanced Reactors. She served as the Licensing lead for development of the GE-Hitachi ESBWR Design Control Document (DCD) Instrumentation and Controls chapter. She managed the first large-scale upgrade to the AP1000 reference plant (Vogtle Units 3 & 4) Technical Specifications (previously based on AP1000 DCD TS) applicable to all US AP1000 units and development of AP1000 Technical Requirements Manuals. Ms. Golub has also developed and conducted training for Part 52-related issues both in the US and Korea. She has served on various NEI committees supporting Part 52 issues.

Under Part 50 licensing for operating reactors, she negotiated Technical Specification (TS)-based license amendment requests (LARs) for the Exelon fleet of nuclear reactors. She served in the TS industry group representing the eight Exelon BWRs. Her areas of greater depth include digital instrumentation and controls and Technical Specifications. She specializes in negotiating resolution of first-of-kind licensing issues with the NRC. Ms. Golub is currently the Chair for the NEI Digital I&C Regulatory Issues Focus Group supporting resolution of complex industry and regulatory issues for the operating fleet and new plants.

Prior to joining EXCEL, Ms. Golub worked for Exelon Corporation in the design engineering and licensing organizations and for ENERCON Services in the area of new reactor licensing

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Brian D. Mann

Vice President, Industry Programs & Services


Mr. Mann is responsible for EXCEL’s support of the PWROG Licensing Subcommittee and BWROG Licensing Committee, managing the Owners Groups Tech Spec Task Force (TSTF) and provides Licensing support to EXCEL’s domestic and international clients. Mr. Mann acts as the point-of-contact by the industry and the NRC for Technical Specifications related issues.

Mr. Mann serves on a number of NEI committees, such as the Regulatory Issues Task Force and the Risk Informed Technical Specifications Task Force. He has been an invited speaker at the NRC Regulatory Information Conference in 2009, 2010 2012, 2014, and 2017.

Providing training on regulatory issues to individual utilities and the industry, Mr. Mann has made over ten presentations at the American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference and the NEI Licensing Forum.

Before joining EXCEL in 1997, Mr. Mann was the Chairman of the Combustion Engineering Improved Technical Specifications Conversion Task Force (which he founded) and was a member of the TSTF and its predecessor organizations since their inception in 1993. Mr. Mann held a number of positions in management, Licensing, Project Management and Reactor Engineering at several utilities. He was a member of the U.S. Council on Energy Awareness’ “Energy America” speakers program which traveled the country addressing energy issues with an estimated audience of 1.5 million persons

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Raymond J. Schiele

Vice President, Regulatory Improvement Services


Mr. Schiele is a Senior Licensing Engineer and an accomplished nuclear professional. His professional resume includes 43 years of Nuclear Operations, Engineering and Licensing experience which includes service in the United States Navy, 16 years’ commercial nuclear power plant experience as a Senior Reactor Operator/Shift Manager and for the past 18 years as a Senior Licensing Engineer/Project Manager for EXCEL Services Corporation, a nuclear engineering consulting firm.

Mr. Schiele is a results-driven professional with over 22 successful Improved Technical Specification Conversion projects completed. He has extensive licensing experience working with both the NRC and client companies in resolving technical and regulatory issues. As such, he has become an expert in implementing NRC's rules and regulation. He has successfully managed projects as diverse as Improved Technical Specifications Conversions, Design Basis Reconstitution, FSAR Upgrades, 10CFR50.67 AST Support, Cyber Security LAR Support, Appendix R LAR Inspection Support, Root Cause Assessments and NRC 95-001 Inspection Support. Mr. Schiele is currently supporting Tennessee Valley Authority in the Clinch River Small Modular Reactor Early Site Permit Application Licensing effort.

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